Expecto Patronum

I don’t think that I get star struck very easily. I understand that celebrities are just normal people who happen to enjoy acting. I like to think that if I did come in contact with a star I would be calm and not let it get to me. However, as soon as I saw a Pretty Little Liar landmark on our Warner Brothers tour, I died. Pretty Little Liars is my all time FAVORITE show. I never miss an episode, and I usually watch it multiple times before the new episode to ensure I pick out every little detail that could be important. The first PLL landmark I saw was the church Ian died in….or did he? Anyway, from that point on I bombarded Lenny, our amazing tour guide, with questions about the show, filming, and the actresses. I only got more excited to learn that PLL shares multiple locations with Gilmore Girls, my former favorite show. Needless to say I was like a kid on Christmas.

When I wasn’t freaking out, I think it really helped me that I could picture what these different locations look like on television. All of the locations used look so real and believable on TV, but in reality they’re unfurnished and have dead branches hiding other scenery. I also thought it was incredible how much work each group puts into changing what the area looks like. From planting trees, to installing fake satellite dishes, every little detailed is considered to ensure it looks real.

We also had the opportunity to view many Harry Potter costumes and props. It was amazing to see so many important items from all seven movies. It just got me more excited for the Harry Potter Premiere, especially since I was sorted into Gryffindor. You better believe I’ll be wearing scarlet and gold come midnight on July 15th. Although we live so close to Warner Brothers, I never realized just how much is stored on these lots. It was an amazing experience to tour and see everything up close. It just gets me so much more excited to work in the entertainment industry and pursue my career.

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