LA, I love you

Unlike Paris or New York, LA is not known for being a city of love. But it certainly can be!

The past 10 days I explored Los Angeles with my boyfriend John. For the past 5 years and 7 months we have been together, we have both dreamed of working in the entertainment industry. He came out for the Los Angeles Film Fest where he was being honored for writing the winning film for the Sprite Refreshing Films Contest.

We both had busy schedules making the most of our time professionally here, but we also were lucky to find that the big screen is not the only place for romantic moments in LA! Here are just a few of the places/activities made our time together in LA special.

Aroma Café

This quaint café on Tujunga Avenue appears to be a small coffee shop. But, its a secret gem! At the coffee bar you can order from a menu of specialty salads, sandwiches and entrees. Then there is a charming courtyard dining area perfect for long talks over tasty food. John got a grilled salmon salad and I got a crab cake sandwich. A tempting dessert case of case filled with cakes, pies and all sorts of treats lured us back other nights for a late night dessert and coffee.

La Boheme

If you are looking for a more formal date, go to La Boheme. It’s a chic restaurant in West Hollywood with delicious food. I simply loved the atmosphere here and the service was great. There was an extensive drink and dinner menu that was difficult to choose from! John picked the steak with brocillini and roasted potatoes and I enjoyed the grilled asparagus salad and a pan-fried Japanese chicken appetizer.

Laguna Beach

I took my first trip outside LA with John to Laguna Beach. We packed a picnic and enjoyed a breathtaking view of the coast. Then we walked around the town and discovered many unique shops and galleries.

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Midnight in Paris

The new Woody Allen movie is a great date movie. It’s a quirky, funny, romantic and thought provoking film. A strong cast including  Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates bring the clever story to life! Watch the trailer for a look.

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