Malibu, Mountains, and Friends…

I am beyond impressed with the monologues and pitches we heard at last nights meeting. We are all so busy with our classes and individual work, I was not sure exactly what to expect last night. They were very impressive and I can’t wait to see all the final work for these films. So congratulations to everyone that participated in last nights meeting!

It has been another great week in Los Angeles for me. I went to Malibu on Saturday and loved the area! I really enjoyed the beach but was fascinated by the mountains and scenery on the drive there. I literally pulled my car over five times on the drive to take pictures; I couldn’t get enough of it. One of my favorite parts of being in California is that every area is so different, whether it’s the scenery, the people, or the style of architecture; you find something different everywhere you go. You can drive 20 minutes and feel like you are in a completely different state. Another reason why I never want to leave Los Angeles.

We took a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio yesterday morning. It was amazing. Our tour guide had a small role in Mr. Deeds, which I found very cool. He was a great tour guide with a lot of knowledge on company. I had no idea how amazing these sets were, both the indoor and outdoor sets. It was so strange walking through sets of streets and neighborhoods that I have seen in both movies and television. The neighborhood and town set was most recently used in Pretty Little Liars, which obviously made me watch Pretty Little Liars last night. It was a very cool feeling not only being able to recognize the set but knowing I had been there earlier that day. Despite all the interesting things we saw on the tour, my favorite part was definitely going to see the Friends coffee shop set, Central Perk. It was still set up the same way it was on the very last episode, even down to the writing on the blackboard. I never thought I’d be able to sit on the couch that the cast of Friends sat on basically every episode of the show and it was easily the most comfortable couch I’ve ever sat on. Overall, another great day.


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