On the Job in LA

As summer has officially come to pass I can already tell that this summer will be different from any summer that I have ever had. Not only because I’m living in L.A., in itself something that clearly makes these two months stand out from the rest. But the real influential factor is that, especially from this past week, it feels like a preview of my life after college, that the care free, relaxing days of summer are no longer what they were when was a kid. Between the class schedules that usually fill up our Monday’s, my two internships that take up the rest of the normal workweek, and then the icing on the cake, the projects that we are doing for class on the weekends, filming and editing, my free time has been constantly shrinking. It was during the monologue projects this past week that I really realized that I wasn’t in L.A. for a vacation, but for work. It’s a sad feeling at first, there are so many things that I want to do, want to see; I really want to be able to experience a lot of what L.A. has to offer. But then, I’m enjoying my work at the internships, and it’s fun working on these projects. Summer is no longer about sitting around my house four-five days out of the week, and just hanging out with friends. It’s working from nearly sunrise to sunset for five days a week, and then hoping that I can find the time to see friends and go out and do some of the unique things that are around us. While it’s an adjustment, that’s really what I came out here for, to work, to learn more about film and see if this is the career that I really want to shoot for. It’s still early, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish to have one more day in the week so I could just hang out and do nothing. All that said I don’t want the work to stop, because if I’m going to be in the industry after I graduate in less than a year I need to know what’s in really like to work in this environment. All the stuff that makes California and Los Angeles what they are won’t going away after our two months are up.


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