Daniel Tosh

Last night, along with Alex and Chris Floyd, I went to see the Kevin Nealon show at the Laugh Factory. I was not expecting to see Daniel Tosh .  Here is a play-by-play summary of what happened:

Kevin: Ok, up next we have Daniel Tosh!

Taylor (me) : wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

-Daniel Tosh Walks out. 60% of the audience starting either texting, tweeting, or taking pictures. Chris Floyd did all three.

-Tosh then yelled at some girl for taking a video of him.  I was 6 feet away from Daniel Tosh.

-Tosh Bombed on Joke.  (no one laughed at all)

-Tosh said some good jokes.

And After a few minutes of laughter, my brief experience with  Tosh was over.  But that was awesome to see Tosh perform unexpectedly.


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