Pink Elephant

After class on Monday I decided to stop and pick up a Gatorade, glacier freeze flavored, of course. It was when I left the store that I saw the immense Pink Elephant. It was across the street next to a mountain and green squared creatures with pink paint cans. It was one of the oddest and coolest graffiti art that I have seen since I’ve been out here. Back home in Port Jefferson, New York you don’t generally see this type of art. There is a tagged name once in awhile, but no pink elephants. Not like out here. Here the street  art is everywhere. Stores even use it as a form of promotion. The best street paintings aren’t the ones that are legally created. It is people like Banksy and Space Invader that make the streets of LA more colorful. Next time you find yourself stuck in traffic take a look around at the buildings and walls. You’ll be surprised at how much art you’ll bump into.


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