A Funny Night

One of the things on my LA bucket list was to attend a comedy club. I have always been a huge fan of stand-up comedy and even tried my hand at it when I was fresh out of high school (only the crickets thought I was hilarious). On Monday night, Alex suggested we go to the Laugh Factory on Tuesday for Kevin Nealon’s “New Material” show. Basically, up-and-coming comics as well as seasoned ones come to the club to try out new material on the smaller crowd.

Tuesday night rolled around and Alex, Taylor, and I got third row seats with our VIP tickets. The comics would come up on stage and present around 5-10 minutes of their new material. Then they would sit with Kevin Nealon and simply joke around, talk-show style. The first two comics, Owen Benjamin being the only one I remember because I had seen him on Comedy Central, killed it. They really warmed the audience up for a great night. The third guy wasn’t on the bill but apparently is really good friends with Kevin Nealon, so they let him go. He was an older guy with a dry sense of humor. Nonetheless he was hilarious, and I’d go as far as to say he was the best act. The highlight fo the night came when Kevin Nealon got on stage to announce the next comic. In the most casual tone, he introduced DANIEL TOSH!!!! Now, personally I am a crazy fan of this guy. He takes his jokes to places any other comic wouldn’t dare touch but he still makes it funny. And his show, Tosh.O, is Comedy Central’s best show in my eyes. Sure enough, Daniel Tosh breezed right past us (we were sitting on the aisle where the comics took the stage) and he began his routine. His new material wasn’t “ROFL” but it was still hilarious and it was just an experience to randomly see Daniel Tosh show up at the club we happened to be at. One interesting thing about Daniel- he was visually nervous when performing, which makes sense because he has said that he has social anxiety. It’s a wonder he made it to where he is. The two acts after Daniel Tosh weren’t that great and don’t deserve too much comment. BUT WE RANDOMLY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE DANIEL TOSH PERFORM!!! Good find by Alex Encarnacion.


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