July 4th the Best Way

Recipe for the most epic 4th of July one can possibly have:

  1. Fireworks: The city of Los Angeles has us covered on that to say the least.  I’m looking forward to what sounds like is going to be one of the best looking fireworks shows I’ve seen over the years.
  2. Food: A good old fashioned BBQ is called for, and not just simple burgers and hot dogs, though there will be plenty of those.  To do it right, we need kabobs piled high with onions, peppers, steak, and zucchini, companied with grilled veggies.  Taylor Shain’s got the grilled chicken covered.  Throw some shrimp in there, and it’s a pretty full grill.  Monday looks like the grill area will be pretty packed so I’m going to be out there Sunday afternoon, and anyone is welcome to join.
  3. Independence Day: Christmas has It’s a Wonderful Life.  July 4th has Independence Day.  One is a classic, the other is awesome.  No better way to celebrate the country then watching Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Randy Quaid, and Jeff Goldblum fight an alien invasion if you ask me.  Already watched it twice this week, and got one more coming on Monday.  I’m going to leave you all with one of the greatest presidential speeches in film.  Enjoy.  

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