Movie Experience

Before coming to L.A. going to the movies was a weekend activity for me and my friends. We’d all cram into someone’s car and drive to our local movie theater, P.J. Cinema, to check out the latest flick. It was a great small movie theater that would only fit about 200 people. Tickets cost $8 and you could get a large popcorn and drink for only $6. I always thought this was what a movie experience was like, just a few friends hanging out in a tiny theater with a coke and popcorn. It wasn’t until I came here to L.A. that my expectations changed. During my first weekend I went to see X-Men First Class, which was amazing. First to get in you had to wait on an immense line outside the theater until you were called over to a ticket booth. Inside the movie theater was huge. The one thing that stood out as I walked into the theater was that they had a mezzanine. Two floors of seats that would fit 1000 people.  Then after the film ends most people stay and watch the credits. I have never seen that before. Back home people would leave early just to beat traffic. Not here. Here in L.A. when you see a movie you actually go to a theater, such as the beautiful Chinese Theater or the immense Arclight Theater. Though movie tickets cost more here the overall experience is worth the three extra bucks.


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