Sparkle Remake!

So, this past week, I got to see what it’s like to be incredibly busy at a production company. Like, really busy. We’re currently in production (or pre-production) on three different projects.

Our company just got the green light from Sony to start filming a remake of the 1976 film Sparkle, which is one of the projects in pre-production. It’s kind of similar to Dreamgirls, but it’s a little bit darker…and it came first. I watched some of the videos on YouTube and the songs are pretty catchy. For the past week we’ve been trying to find choreographers, productions designers and costume designers for the films, since it’s set in the 50s. They’ve been trying to make this remake for years, so the fact that it’s finally been seriously greenlit is a big deal.

Also – fun fact – some of the 1976 film was shot at Warner Brothers studio. If you looked on the plaque on the side of one of the sound stages, Sparkle is up there! So that’s pretty fun.

Here ‘s a link for the original film, and here’s a link from The Hollywood Reporter on the remake!


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