The Benefits of Location Scouting

The one thing I’ve come to learn from our first project is location scouting is a pain.  Everyone wants money for it.  One guy told me that I could have their spot for sixteen thousand, basically half a semester’s worth of money.

When prepping for the project, my partner, Greg Gentile, and I went quickly from our top choices to our bottom nine.  When just about everything failed we had Mulholland Drive as the last choice.  We drove up there one morning to scout out some places.  We came upon this one parking lot that had a trail leading up the hill.  The walkway up there had tons of potential spots, but the trail ended on this little overlook of the entire city.

It was the best place to shoot.  On one side we had the LA skyline, and on the other we had mountain ridges.  It was incredible, minus the viewable smog line.  The walk itself wasn’t bad considering we were carrying loads of equipment up it, and outside of the man doing weird crunches next to us it was a fairly uninterrupted shoot.

This same spot is on the list of activities for the weekend, and it’s definitely everyone should do.  Like I said, the walk itself is very easy, nothing like the opening weekend hike.  And the view could be equal to that of the top of Cahuenga, just not as tiring to get there.


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