The Second Coming

Even before the move to Los Angeles, I had been informed (in other words warned) of all the characters I might meet upon my arrival. On our third day in LA, our tour of Hollywood Blvd, otherwise known as the ultimate in tourist destinations, made it all too clear of the extensive uniqueness of the people who coexist in this city. Almost everyday, I am reminded of the many reasons why people travel all over the world to live and work in LA, may it be the constant pursuit of success or the unique thrill the city brings to each of us.

Although I’ve been exposed to some characters in the past 4 weeks, none have been so aggressively oblivious as the West Hollywood Jesus. Spotted last Thursday at a new club off of Hollywood Way, the Messiah’s fresh white robes and long brown hair made me instantly curious. Not 30 seconds later was I informed that yes, WeHo was the home to a very distinct and well known character, perhaps the most well known of all time, JC. Although I’m sure not one of the club-goers was planning on being saved that evening, Jesus did provide some entertainment and photo opportunities. I wasn’t sure then, and it still puzzles me thinking about what Jesus was doing out past midnight hanging around a bunch-a sinners, but as the closest thing to a celebrity sighting I’ve seen thus far, I sure wasn’t complaining.

Below is my most challenged paparazzo attempt in capturing the one and only, WeHo Jesus.


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