$35 Million for One Drop

If you haven’t heard about a man named Guy Laliberté, you should really check him out … and not just because his current net worth is over $2.5 billion dollars.

Laliberté is the creator and current owner of the French-Canadian circus Cirque Du Soleil, and has come up with some pretty interesting and intriguing shows that run all over the country (including the one that is about to open here in L.A.- “Iris”- which I blogged about earlier).

Monday night, I had the opportunity to work at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills where the entrepreneur held an event for his new book “Gaia”. This book is filled with photographs of Laliberté’s adventure into space for a whopping $35 million… even for a billionaire, that isn’t pocket change.

The majority of the proceeds made from Guy Laliberté’s book sales go to his NGO, the “One Drop Foundation”. The stated goal of this foundation is “to play a role in changing and influencing how safe water is shared and made accessible around the world”.

Hopefully the charity will benefit from Monday night’s extravagant event… the books were sold for $65, $750, or $7500 depending on what edition the buyer chose.

And despite the women in sky-high stilettos and the men in full designer suits who attended the event, Guy Laliberté looked like the simplest one there.. all he wore were jeans and a black t-shirt. I also never saw him without a smile. It was refreshing.


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