no one wins in LA traffic.

Since traffic is such a major part of life in Los Angeles, I decided to share some of the knowledge that I’ve gathered already on this trip.  This is part two of my traffic safety awareness list:

7.   The right-most lane will often be blocked or will peel-off when you aren’t paying attention
8.   The lane you are in will more than likely be the slowest lane (a la Office Space)
9.   You might not be able to merge over 4 lanes to switch to another road while on the highway attempting to reach your “point B”
10. The next gas station is pretty much always cheaper than the one where you decided to stop
11.People will persistently run red lights – especially if they are turning left. Be prepared or you will hit/get hit by some other driver
12. Don’t drive with your cell phone in hand – it’s illegal

PS: Let’s keep in mind the differences between being “right” and “dead right”, shall we? got it? Wonderful. Please stay safe.


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