New Discoveries in An Old Package

I like old movies and have a special place in my heart for John Ford’s westerns and the likes of John Wayne. I was fully prepared to let go of old movies for a summer, though, because I always assumed that LA (being the capital of entertainment) would thrive on living in the present, neglecting the films of the past. Boy, was I wrong.

Just 15 minutes down the road from where we live, there is a little gem of a theater that plays an incredibly wide collection of films (anything from Legally Blonde to Laurel and Hardy).

Although Los Angeles seems to be all about the next best thing, it never forgot its roots. A few weeks ago, some of us had the opportunity to go to the Silent Film Night at Cinefamily, which featured comedies from the famed comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

After looking at the upcoming films in the theater, there are quite a few unique ones that I think sound especially hilarious (namely Ninja Annihilation War…I’m pretty pumped about that one).

Basically, Cinefamily is a name that I’ll remember for a while. And whenever I’m tired of the most recent blockbusters-like Transformers 3 (which, to borrow a phrase from my wise friend, was a dumpster fire), I’ll be sure to visit this lovely, little theater to get a much-needed dose of classic films.


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