Fourth of July at Oakwood

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and after spending it in New England each year, I was excited to see how the west coast celebrates it. It’s actually pretty much the same but nonetheless we still managed to have quite a fun day at the Oakwood apartments. We began by joining the rest of the Oakwood residents at the pool this afternoon. Although the place was mobbed with everyone trying to take advantage of the beautiful day, we were able to find an area of the pool to play water games. The game is apparently called “toothpaste” although I’ve always called it the “water movie game”. No matter the name, one person stands on one side of the pool and gives the initials of a movie title. When you guess the title you have to swim to the other side and tag the person before anyone else does. It got pretty rowdy. We even attracted the attention of some little children who thought it would be funny to come splash us. He was actually quite a mean five year old and we had to threaten him with telling his parents. He swam away. Once we were done at the pool we decided to celebrate the holiday by going out to eat some classic American food at Umami Burger. If you haven’t been there then you need go immediately because it was incredible!! We ended the day by going back to the pool and enjoying the fireworks. Nothing gets me more excited then participating in a group sing-a-long of God Bless the U.S.A and honoring this amazing country. So while we didn’t end up spending the day on a yacht as we had originally hoped, we still had quite a successful 4th of July at Oakwood. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!


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