I loves me some burgers.  I’m from Chicago, and there are countless places that have amazing burgers.  I have my favs in the Chi: I love Edzo’s in Evanston, because it’s old school and simple.  DMK has remarkable beef, and I love their toppings.

Out here, eeeeeveryone talks about In and Out.  I figured it would be like Five Guys (which I like).  So I knew I had to have In and Out Burger.  I had it, and it was pretty good.  Not amazing, but a good, solid burger.  (I would probably enjoy it more with cheese.)

But then several people told me about Umami Burger. After drooling over my laptop while looking at the menu, I went with my friend visiting from San Francisco.  Oh. My. God.  It was the best thing I have put in my mouth.  I scarfed down my Hatch Burger (homemade cheese and 4 green chiles), and could not believe how wonderful it was.  Literally changed mah lyfe.  It was burger was juicy, the meat was phenom, and the topings were the best.  I felt badly because I thought DMK was the best.  But it kicked my Chicago favorite’s ass.

The day after, my friend and I were walking and randomly we would just say, “that was the best thing ever.” or “omg, those roasted tomatoes!”  This is not a lie.  It actually happened.  Ask the people of the Americana Mall in Glendale.

Obviously, Umami is not a fast food place, so it is expensive, but it is worth it.  I luckily was able to go (for the second time this weekend) today.  What is more American than a delicious burger? Nothing.  Not even Jeffrey Campbell Stars and Stripes platform sandals. Happy 4th Y’all!


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