Warner Brothers Lot

So since I work on the Warner Brothers lot I was really excited when I heard we would all be going on the official tour. I see the blue golf carts around all the time when I’m bicycling with interoffice memos to Telepictures, Ellen’s parent company. As soon as we sat down and watched the intro movie I knew it was going to be epic. We were all divided up into groups and got on the carts, it was a really nice morning which was fantastic.

Our tour guide was totally geeking out about all the technical aspects of the lot, telling us to knock on the “brick” walls and pointing out that the gum spots on the sidewalk were all put there to give the illusion of a real city street. Pretty Little Liars is one of the only things filming right now since it’s summer, although we did pass by Merlotte’s Bar from True Blood, which was really really exciting to me because I am a little obsessed. The only things I bought from the gift shop were True Blood related as well.

We got to see the prop house with the largest chandelier collection in the world, the piano from Casablanca and furniture from The Maltese Falcon. It’s really cool to have so much history in one place and I didn’t even know most of it was there! I spend so much time doing my own thing on the lot that I never got the chance to do the touristy things and I’m glad I had the chance. It was my favorite group activity so far and I recommend it to anyone coming in to town.


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