Working in Paradise

Back in March I began my search for summer internships in Los Angeles. Being an actor, I knew I wanted to intern at a talent agency so I could understand and learn the business that I would one day be involved in.  I researched the list of talent agencies in Los Angeles on and stumbled upon a name that caught my eye, “The House of Representatives- A Talent Agency.”  I thought they had a clever title, so I decided to give them a call to see if they were seeking summer interns.  I was immediately surprised by the kindness on the phone from both the assistant and the agent/internship coordinator.  I think I expected all agents to be rude and dismissive, but these people were very gentle.  Luckily, they were selecting summer interns so I quickly sent them my resume and cover letter.  Denny, the agent who began the company, contacted me within a few days and requested an interview that moment.  After speaking with him over Skype, I knew that was the place where I wanted to intern for the summer.  Not only did the agents and staff seem kind and inviting, but the location and internship were ideal.  The agency is located in Santa Monica by the 3rd Street Promenade and just a few blocks down from the beach and the famous pier.  As an intern I would learn how an agency operates, work with actors, understand and become more knowledgeable about the entertainment industry as well as work with casting directors.  The entire situation sounded like absolute paradise.  I would be surrounded by great people and beautiful scenery.  I would have quick access to shops, restaurants and the beach.  And I would be doing exactly what I wanted to be doing for the summer.  I was hired as an intern following the interview.  🙂

It has been a month into the internship and it has been everything I expected and more.  I have met some great people and have a decent grasp on how talent agencies and how the casting process for film, television and commercials works.  I learn so many things each day and still have so much more to learn.  It is exciting, but can be overwhelming.  I have had the opportunity to help submit actors for various roles, sit in on meetings with potential clients, witness auditions and attend an actor’s showcase with the agents.  The people have been so great and easy to work with, not to mention I can walk down the street to eat a great meal or shop around a little on my lunch break.  The experience has been absolutely wonderful and I cannot wait to continue my journey as an intern with The House of Reps and working in Santa Monica.  I have also had the pleasure of experiencing this with fellow intern, Rachel Jones, who is also a part of the Elon in Los Angeles program.  I never thought I would work in paradise or be excited to go to work and want to stay later each day.

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