Catching the Pitch

One of the factors that drew me to the Elon in LA program was the opportunity to work with my classmates on a fully original short film.  As per tradition, five films are slated for production, each by a crew of Elon students.  The first step toward premiering the films at the American Film Institute at the end of the semester was selecting five screenplays out of the thirteen pitched by students within the program.

Film Premiere Headquarters (AFI)

The session not added a sense of Hollywood authenticity to the process of filmmaking, as the true genesis of any film depends on whether or not it is picked up by a panel of studio executives.  In our particular case, the students acted as the studio execs and chose which films we’d like to “invest” in.    The true creativity of this year’s students shined through during the pitches, and after the dust cleared (and ties were broken), we have five screenplays ready for production.  Stay tuned for information on the premiere of these films, and look for them to hit the web upon completion.

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