Getting There

So it’s the middle of our fifth week here, with four and a half weekends to go, and it’s finally come to my attention that we’ve reached/exceeded the halfway mark.  A lot of things have changed since June 3rd. I finally feel as though we’ve officially moved into our apartment. I’ve finally met my supervisor (absolutely adore her) and the big boss man. I feel like I’m learning a lot, both working at my internship and also, simply living in this city.

A lot of people may call me crazy for saying this, but one of my favorite parts of my day is driving about. Although I’m the first to admit traffic is not so much a friend as a foe, the opportunity to stare aimlessly out the car window makes every minute spent on the road worth it. Because Los Angeles is so spread out, I have officially decided one of the best things about arriving at my destination is getting there.

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