Hidden Wonders – LA Bakeries

There’s no way around it; LA is a city of overpriced goods. I work in Burbank and, during our time off for lunch, we go around and try all the local places around Burbank (which has resulted in some pretty fun adventures and some pretty fantastic finds). My favorite discovery so far, though, has been Martino’s Bakery.

Martino’s looks like a little hole in the wall bakery on North Victory Boulevard in Burbank. You walk in and there’s a few other customers, also staring at the fully stocked shelved of baked goods, all of which look so wonderful that it’s nearly impossible to choose what to get.

In other places around LA, baked goods run a few dollar, but at Martino’s the cost is measured in cents. As soon as we saw that they’re most famous cupcake (the tea cake) was only 80 cents, we were excited. But when we tasted it, we were amazed. I will never forget to inexpensive glory of Martino’s and look forward to all the other hidden treasures that LA has to offer.




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