Incredible World of LA

Hello all,

So here we are at the halfway point of this program.  Two projects down, and two to go, thirty days past with thirty more or so.  I am already nostalgic.

I’m attaching several pictures I’ve taken from adventures so far.  Check these out!

B for Burbank I guess.  I don’t know:

Amoeba Music!

Check out the size of this place:

Just a random piece in Amoeba.  🙂  I’d really like this comped.  Over $70.

IT’SUGAR FROM UNIVERSAL CITY.  This store literally had any kind of sugar/sweet you could be into.

Grauman’s Theater!

Check out Bing Crosby’s prints:

This is looking up at the projector from the screen inside of Grauman’s Theater:

Finally, there are sometimes free concerts all around LA.  This is a jazz concert in Pasadena I went to.  Short but you get the point.  FUN.

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