Is it just me or did June pass WAY too fast?

It’s hard to believe a month living in LA has already passed. We’ve been busy with work and class and trying to find the time to cross things, one at a time, off our bucket lists. As the weather gets warmer, the days simultaneously get longer, but it’s clear it’s becoming harder by the minute to squeeze enough sleep into a day already filled to the brim with endless hours of work and play.

I’m sure most can agree with me that Saturday afternoons at Elon are usually spent lounging in our living rooms with the lights off and greasy fast food in our laps, but Saturdays spent in Los Angeles are a completely different story. Having such a relatively small amount of time left to explore all the wonders LA has to offer, I feel guilty doing anything but taking advantage of these next four weeks.

With the longest weekend of my life behind me, it’s imperative I pick myself up, in between work and chores and work, and get ready for what is sure to be my favorite weekend of the summer. My favorite person in the world is visiting, my Mom, and no matter how much I’ve convinced myself I’m not actually completely exhausted, I can’t wait to show her around this crazy, hectic place I’m now proud to call home.


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