Owen Wilson and Point Dume

Last week we ventured out to Malibu to head to Point Dume beach. It took us about an hour to get there but it was a more enjoyable ride because of the scenery. After a few wrong turns we finally found the street the beach was on. We drove up a hill and I was admiring the big-gated houses when I saw someone who caught my eye. It was Owen Wilson. This was my first real celebrity sighting, although I did see the Famous Jet Jackson two weeks ago, who in fact is not so famous anymore. I must have gone into shock or something after seeing Owen Wilson because it took me several seconds to blurt out “OH MY GOD that was Owen Wilson!!” After everyone freaked out I turned the car around to drive by again, however by the time we got there Owen had already gone back outside. I wish I got a better look at him, but now I know where he lives and that he likes to wear a blue T-shirt with white shorts and a white hat.

The celebrity sighting was a great start to a beautiful day at the beach. Point Dume is very secluded, which made me feel just like a local. If you ever find yourself in Malibu, I definitely recommend going there.

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