The “Not So Glamorous” Side of Hollywood

When I think of Hollywood, I think of this glamorous city that is filled with celebrities and endless possibilities.  I imagined this sunny, beautiful place with perfect weather, and I thought I would spot celebrities at least weekly, if not daily.  I also assumed that things like driving and parking would be easy.  California is known for being laid back, right?  I am not sure exactly what I expected, but I thought that the city would be perfect, open and available 24/7.  Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every moment being in Los Angeles, but there is a side that is not so glamorous.

The things people don’t talk about:

1- The Weather- I had only ever heard great things about the weather in California and Los Angeles.  I was told (and it is marketed) as always having clear, blue skies and having the perfect temperature.  I was shocked at the beginning of June when I woke to an overcast, gray sky.  I went outside and it was cold and misty.  This was apparently known as “June gloom.”  No one had informed me of this before.  It would warm and clear up most days by the early afternoon, but some days stayed the same all day.  I really only started experiencing great warm and clear weather at the end of June.  Also, it gets pretty chilly at night.  I knew the temperatures would drop a bit at night, but some nights have been really cold.  I had to get my mom to ship me more jackets.

2- The Beach isn’t Always Warm- As previously mentioned, the weather is glorified and so are the beaches.  I saw pictures of people in the water and under the sun.  To my surprise, the beaches were cold.  Beautiful, but cold most of the time.  For me so far, the water has been too cold to get into it and the beaches are foggy some mornings and don’t clear up at all.  Even if the sun is shining, it can still be chilly on the beach.  This has been disappointing because I love swimming and hanging out on the beach.

3-Parking- There is no where to park in Los Angeles or Hollywood.  I have never had such trouble trying to park in my entire life.  Businesses rarely have their own parking so you have to find a spot on the street, find a parking deck or garage or valet- all of which cost money, which can add up day by day.  This reminds me that you always need to have cash on you at all times.  I have had to circle streets several times before I have found a parking spot.  Then, even if you do find a parking spot, there are several signs to read with rules and regulations on hours and availability.  It can get extremely confusing and cost you a lot if you get it wrong.  Parking has caused me a lot of stress, along with driving and traffic, not to mention money.

4-Don’t Trust Anyone- Liar would not be spelled if it wasn’t for L.A.  Being a trusting person, it has been hard to learn that it can be hard to find anyone to trust here.  Everyone lies about something to get what they want here.  It’s hard being in a new place with little people to trust.

5-Things Close- I imagined that things would remain open most hours of the day and be available all night.  LA is one of the cities that hardly sleeps, right?  Well wrong.  I have been asked to hurry up and leave more times here than anywhere else because the place was closing.  Places have closed in the middle of the afternoon and even early evening/late night.

6-Where Are the Stars?- Literally and metaphorically.  I love astronomy and it is a let down that I can’t ever view stars in the city, or even in places outside of the city because of fog.  But actually, I have not had a celebrity citing yet.

These are just a few negative things about Los Angeles and Hollywood that you wouldn’t think about or that no one tells you about.  I didn’t have to mention traffic, because that’s obvious.  But seriously, the traffic is something that you must adapt to quickly or you won’t survive.  12 miles here= an hour and half…

Minus these few setbacks, LA is pretty much perfect. I guess all places have their advantages and disadvantages. And I honestly do love it here and plan to move here once I am finished with school.  These are just a few things that I didn’t expect and take some time getting used to.

See What I mean?


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