The Warner Brothers tour was probably the coolestand most informative “behind the scenes’ tour i have ever been a part of. Its one thing to study at school and learn about what all it takes to put something into production and create a show or movie, but to actually be able to see it first hand was such an eye-opening experience. Cruising throught Warner Bros on an extened golf cart with an energetic tour guide made it all that much better. Cool spots that I enjoyed getting a look at while on the tour consisted of a fight scene for the film Minority Report, a back alley where Spider-Man took down the criminals, and best of all the coffee shop in the TV series Friends. There I was actually able to sit on the same couch they filmed with on the actual set. Overall, the tour was worth the time and money, and if you’re ever in Los Angeles I definately suggest making it a part of your trip.


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