Nor-Cal vs. So-Cal

Over the past two weekends, I have basically been up and down the California coastline. I had the opportunity to travel throughout the state with my mom, who came to visit me for two weeks during my time interning out here in Los Angeles.

Last weekend, my mom and I drove to Napa Valley to experience Northern California. Northern California is completely different from life out here in Los Angeles- from the people (who move at a slower pace), to the scenery (pure countryside)- it feels like a completely different state from what I was used to over the previous 4 weeks. We did as much as we could over our 3 days in Napa Valley & Sonoma including a tour by train that took us through some of the 500 vineyards.

This past weekend, we traveled down the coast to San Diego, in Southern California. We noticed the hispanic influence (since we were so close to Mexico) while we visited, and enjoyed some great Mexican food! We also went to the world famous San-Diego Zoo, which was a sight to see in itself.

(Click the images to see them full sized)





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