The Ten Person Jump…

I had a very exciting time in Venice Beach yesterday. I assume the majority of you have been there but if not, I recommend you go just for the entertaining people you will find. Everyone seems to be a character and there’s always entertaining activities going on. On our way back to the car we stopped to watch these four men that were setting up for something. It turns out they were extremely talented, doing flips, crazy gymnastics, and jumping over each other. They eventually tell us they are going to jump over ten people, which we obviously thought was a joke. But then they started grabbing people from the crowd, including myself. Well, more like Cam pushing me into the middle and everyone else supporting the idea of me participating in this ridiculous stunt.
First they had a few of us leaning to different sides and he jumped over us. Then they had ten of us line up and lean over and one of the guys got a running start and was able to get over all ten of us. I wish I had been able to see it instead of staring at the ground, not really sure what was happening! Thankfully we got some pictures and Victoria even got a video, which she will be posting soon! Overall, successful day to Venice Beach, mostly due to the fact that I returned uninjured.




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