Coming Together

Today both the crew and the PR groups came together for our first formal meeting to begin to plan the next couple of weeks leading up to the final project. Being a part of the PR group, it is our job to take production notes, produce a movie poster for display, and strive to show all people involved in a positive light. What I walked away from our first meeting with was confidence and excitement. Not only do we have great people working behind the scenes, but also in front of the camera. While the casting has not yet formally been done, our writer and director have already found a few talented people from the Los Angeles area.

Not having done this before, I was curious to see how the meeting would go. After hearing and seeing that our team had an answer for every issue and question that was brought up during our time together, it was evident that the crew creating the short film, “The Extra-Ordinary League”, is on the top of their game.

With many weeks ahead of us, I am already excited to see the final project and can’t wait!

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