Foster The People

Foster The People are a band, not a demand, and Friday night had me enjoying the biggest perk of my time in LA so far. The indie trio are managed by Monotone, and although the show was sold out to the public (the company had to add two more shows after the first sold out in 15 minutes), through my internship, I was able to watch this new sensation from a private VIP balcony, where just two shoulders to my left stood renowned producer and artist, Brian Burton, more publically known as “Danger Mouse”. The show was unreal. The band played their entire debut album to perfection, with singer Mark Foster’s trademark shoulder shrug keeping beat with the bass as he hypnotized the crowd into a bobbing wave like ocean of sweat soaked hair and raving smiles.


After the show came the real highlight of my time out here: as the crowd emptied out of the El Rey theater, my supervisor touched my shoulder and told me to stay behind. The band soon made their way up to our balcony to join us for the after party. If there is one story I want to take away from this journey, it came from my discussion with the “Pumped Up Kicks” singer telling me about his last job—before the whole “singing thing”—as a pizza boy, delivering to grunge godfather: Chris Cornell, and his lack of generosity on the tip.

Check our the band’s big hit: Pumped Up Kicks.


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