30 Minutes or Less

This movie doesn’t come out in theaters until August 12th, but because we went to go see Horrible Bosses this weekend Chris Liotta, Greg Gentile, and I got free passes to go see a press screening for the film yesterday at the Grove Theater. When we arrived we had to wait for awhile outside. They were only bringing us in 20 at a time. When I went to the premier of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark they took away our cell phones before and that took nearly over an hour to get back so this time we all left our cell phones in the car so when we went past security all they had to do was pat us down. When we got into the theater, which was pretty small, it was easy to tell who was a reporter and who wasn’t. The reporters got to bring their phones and ipads into the theater. We were hoping that we would see either Jessie Eisenberg or Danny McBride speak at the beginning, but sadly once we arrived the lights faded and the film started. Not that that was a bad thing. The film was HILARIOUS. Probably one of the funniest films I’ve seen all summer. After the movie we decided to wait until after the credits rolled to leave. Maybe we’d get lucky and someone was going to speak at the end. We anxiously waited, but were sadly disappointed when the credits ended all we saw was an extra scene of the movie and that was it, but when we left the theater we did spot someone we recognized. Many of the reporters were talking to a man at the end of the film. They were shaking his hand and telling him it was a great film. When I looked to see who it was I realized it was Ruben Fleschier, the DIRECTOR of the film. He was sitting in the audience the entire time. To top off the awesomeness that was this night the movie was free and the parking was only two dollars. Very cool.



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