Blogs on Dogs with Jobs

There are a couple of power playing dogs who have as much of a say in my work environment as the ringing phone.

There’s Giles the Chihuahua: Giles will one day run this place. The dog has attitude. If you put him up against the forgotten Taco Bell mascot  (does anyone else still remember Gidget?) lets just say that Giles could have Gidget selling music instead of quesadillas rápido.

There’s Lupo, the founding president’s dog, a big brown lab. Even though he can’t eat it, cause he’ll die, Lupo is like a giant piece of friendly chocolate. All he wants is for others to take some time out of their day to throw around the deflated basketball he brings to work with him.

This morning I was allowed to sit in on a conference meeting for an upcoming digital music based locker known as “” where we had three representatives come in to pitch why our company should implement this new digital app with our artists. Midway through the pitch, Giles comes in and jumps onto the main speaker’s lap, licks his hand and then proceeds to growl until he is stroked. Everyone oohhs and ahhhs over the adorable Giles, causing Lupo to come trotting in with his basketball, eat a piece of paper off the floor, and individually greet every member of the conference.

The meeting continued after we all took pictures and calmed down, and then we broke for lunch. “Giles loves,” was the opening sentence of lunch. If you want to win a pitch, bring bacon in your pocket incase they’ve got dogs. LA loves dogs. Above is Lupo and his ball.


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