Lunch with Robert Forster

This past Wednesday one of my internships, Anonymous Content, held a special lunch for its interns. One of our managers represents the actor Robert Forster so he came in and talked with us a little bit about his experience in the industry, but mostly just about good ways to live your life. You may not recognize the name Robert Forster, but he has been 100 films and television show, his most famous being roles in Mulholland Dr., an upcoming role in the George Clooney movie The Descendants, and an oscar nominee for best supporting actor in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. The things that I took the most out of this lunch was his advice about respect and how there are two sides to it, respect from being feared, and respect by being loved, coming up with ways to do tasks you don’t necessarily enjoy so that you reward yourself in completing their execution, and never quiting, a tired phrase but with an add on, “never quit because you can win in the late innings”. It was great to to hear this as he was able to get his message across in an enjoyable way that really sunk in. The last cool thing was that Wednesday was his birthday, and not many people can say they got to sing happy birthday to an oscar nominated actor.


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