Holy Hipster

Although I wouldn’t categorize myself as a hipster, I tend to indulge in similar things as hipsters.  I like jorts, fanny packs, and indie music.  I’ve seen the Melrose Trading Post on my trips down to Melrose Ave.  Although the flea market looked intriguing, I thought I should commit a trip just to it instead of stopping through while going between Fred Segal.

So Katie and I went last Sunday to explore.  And within an hour and a half, we didn’t even cover half of the tents in the flea market.  There was an insane amount of stuff there for sale, and most of it was pretty reasonable.  Although, I got a little bit of deja vu because most of the tents fell under these categories:

  • Random clothes bought from a thrift store, including distressed jorts.  I bought a pair for $15.  Don’t spend more than that, because you’re just paying to get them pre-cut and shredded.  The “vintage” clothes are nice, fairly reasonably priced, but I prefer going to thrifts and finding gems on my own merit.
  • Jewelry under $50.  Different tents varried from unique little gold pendant necklaces for $15, to some nicer costume jewelry.  Lots of animal rings
  • Altered vintage clothing.  This was the most interesting.  Back in middle school, my sister and I were obsessed with wearing random t-shirts from thrift stores.  Now, people have taken random t-shirts, cut them up, put bows, change hem lines, etc and make them even cooler.
  • Feathers.  Everywhere.  Clip-ins, earrings, necklaces.  You cannot escape them.  Which is difficult, because I LOVE feathers.
  • paintings and books.  I didn’t look at any of these booths because I can’t afford to ship any heavy things back home
  • Furniture.  And nice furniture! I already texted my mom and said if I move out here, we must go for my apartment.
  • Oh, and fake handbags and really cheap sunglasses.  How California.

If you have some time, patience, and endurance, (oh, and two bucks cash to get in) seriously go.  Or if you just like hipster watching.  Which I indulge in too often out here in California.


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