I really wish I had a time turner

My family are not big Thanksgiving people: my dad is the only one who really likes turkey, and we usually eat at our country club.  After that, we would go on a big walk, or just get ready for Black Friday.  But in 2001, my mother came up with a better idea to pass the time on a holiday most of us are luke-warm about: go see Harry Potter.  Since then, I was obsessed with the movies.  Even after my sister vowed to never see another one after HP4, I would get thrilled when the movies came out.

But I’m not a huge HP fan because I didn’t read all of the books, and my mom would never let me go to a midnight showing.  So, I was very excited to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two last night.  And it wasn’t just at a movie theatre: it was at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  AKA, one of the best places to see movies in America.

Although I was creeped out by the intensity of some of the fans dueling in front of the screen before the movie, seeing it with 2,200 fans is amazing.  Everyone claps when something fantastic happens, and I felt a lot better when I heard hundreds of other people sobbing when Harry saw his dead parents.  Don’t worry, that totally doesn’t ruin the movie.  oh, but this will: VOLDEMORT DIES.

Ok, well here are some pictures of one of the best things I’ve done in LA.  I would love to re-live this over and over. Especially because they gave out free popcorn.

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