Happiest Place on Earth

Although we warned by many not to go to Disneyland the weekend that the 405 was closed, my roommates and I decided to brave the “traffic” yesterday and head to the happiest place on earth. Lucky for us “carmaggedon” was a joke and it took less than 40 minutes to get there. Entering the park immediately puts a smile on my face. No other place in the world can release the child inside you like Disney can. Its got to be magic. Ignoring the fact that we were clearly the oldest people there without children, we ran from ride to ride like the giddy kids around us. Even though I went to Disneyworld over spring break and the rides are either the same or very similar, it was still just as magical. I was surprised that some of the rides are actually better! For example Space Mountain is a hundred times better at Disneyland! It is completely pitch black and so cool that it can’t even be explained in writing. I’m also a big fan of the storybook rides, particularly Peter Pan’s Flight because you get to fly around up in the air! I love that they able to keep them all unique even when they’re all essentially the same ride. Overall it was an extremely successful day with the exception of the Matterhorn being closed and Grace and Katie getting drenched on Splash Mountain. They should have followed my technique of waiting for the picture to be taken then ducking! It’s safe to say that after spending 12 hours in the park, we were pooped by the time we got home! 

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