Red Bull Thre3 Style

While the majority of the program were at the final Harry Potter premiere, I was witnessing a different type of magic at the LA Red Bull 3Style (Freestyle?) competition, a display of LA’s best DJs (disk jockeys). Not exactly a fan of techno, I had promised myself to take advantage of every opportunity presented to me by my internship, and being a huge live music fan, I wasn’t going to pass up VIP tickets. I had anticipated that the show would be exhausting due to my tastes, however, the requirements for the “3”style portion of the competition was to play three different genres of music within their 15 minute allocated set of play time. The eight DJs we saw were incredible, even for a hater. The club, Supper Bar, was incredible: white couches, goblets of red bull everywhere and a guest list of the who’s who of the LA house music scene. Although I’m not a fan, I know that when given this limited time and opportunity in LA, you take advantage of every opportunity.




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