Touring Los Angeles, the second time around

When my mother made her trip halfway across the country to make a very special visit to her favorite daughter, I knew I needed to make the most of her very short visit. On our drive back from LAX, we made a pit stop to explore 3rd Street Promenade and the pier and beach of Santa Monica. Once we decided we weren’t quite prepared for a beach day, we were off once more, driving the scenic route through the entire city. We stopped again at Griffith Observatory, after winding our way through those famous hills. The views were obviously breathtaking, and I tagged along close to a father and family so at least there was someone who could explain to my mother and I what exactly we were looking at.

Later, after much insisting on my mom’s part, I was coaxed into taking her on a tour of my apartment. Now I want it to be clear that I am in no way ashamed of the state of my room, but I also wasn’t adamant about making the Oakwood tour a part of our agenda. Being so close to my internship site, Glassman Media, I was also convinced my both my mom and my supervisor to drop in to show my mom where exactly I’ve been spending my time this summer.

Though nothing quite beats the stake out in our hotel, waiting for Will and Kate to arrive as part of their North American tour. With all the press and people waiting to catch just a glimpse, I feel proud to say I almost saw them and even more proud to say my mom actually did.

It’s very special to me to be able to share this summer and all that I’ve learned so far with my mom. She even commented that she was impressed how well I could maneuver myself around the city, a compliment I’m sure some of you would be shocked to realize I do not normally receive.


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