So Legit

Our internship asked me and Jayme to go to a Stella Adler actors showcase in their behalf this past Thursday to take notes on the actors and their performances. While I was less than excited at first, I realized afterwards that I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The best part was sitting in the back of the theater, kind of like our very own Blackbox Theater, with a binder filled with headshots and resumes, pens, water bottles, and paper to jot down our notes on all of the actors. After the performance, me and Jayme would then decide who we liked, bring back a report to our bosses, and contact the actors to meet with them and talk about possible representation.

So basically, 21-year-old me and 20-year-old Jayme were sitting in a theater with the big shots watching the Stella Adler graduates perform, while attempting to look as professional and legit as we could. As soon as they gave me the binder I had to pinch myself because I did not expect it to be that official and serious. I also had to keep my composure and pretend I wasnt just an intern (even though I am sure they could smell our fresh meat and fear from a mile away).

After an hour there, it is safe to say that I did not at all mind it. I actually really enjoyed it. Especially when many of them were trying to reach out to me and Jayme and talk to us. Sadly, Jayme had a read through to attend so we had to leave immediately. Honestly if I had to keep doing things like this for a living, I actually dont think I would mind it. Although next time I will pull an Anna Wintour and wear my sunglasses during the performance.


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