Santa Monica v. Venice

Two beaches that are only three miles away from each other yet they are far from the same. The first thing I noticed in Venice was the graffiti. It is everywhere. Every store uses Graffiti to promote their business. Venice is one of the few places that allows street artists to legally spray at their beach on public art walls. It is also one of the few places where you’ll find an outdoor gym and a freak-show in the same place. Santa Monica on the other hand is completely different. I found very little graffiti their and the little bit that I did see was not for promotional use. It does have its claim to fame by having a minuter theme park on a pier. You don’t generally think to combine roller coaster and beach in one sentence yet at Santa Monica that’s what you get. In the end it all comes down to choice, which do you prefer. Personally Venice is the type of beach I could see myself going to every once in awhile to check out the newest graffiti art, but if I want to hang out and relax I would have to chose Santa Monica over Venice.


– Venice Graffiti


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