A Bizarre “Break-in” At Oakwood

No, we didnt necessarily have a real breaking and entering situation in our apartment. But we did have a somewhat similar situation if you consider a lizard casually breaking into my apartment and hanging out in my room as a break in.

I named him G.I. Lizard – because he sneaked up on me and Kathryn in the middle of the night. His cover was blown last Monday, as we were getting ready for The Price Is Right, when I lifted my hair straightener’s pouch and found him underneath it, next to my blowdryer.

Let’s recap: a lizard, in my room, at 7 in the morning. Let’s also add that I am dead scared of all sorts of animals and insects. So naturally, I freaked out. And started screaming, because that’s what I do when these creepy crawlers come close to me within a 10 mile radius.

I must say, if it hadn’t been for Alex who rescued us that morning, I’m pretty sure I would have packed my bags and left the apartment.


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