A Universal Good Time

My mom and sister made their first appearance in Los Angeles the other week. We had a busy, but very fun weekend together. We hit up all the tourists spots like Hollywood Boulevard, the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive, and went to a live taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We also went to Universal Studios, which as an amusement park fanatic was my personal favorite.
My favorite part about Universal Studios was the tour, which I liked a lot better than the Warner Brothers tour. We went past the “New York” street, which has been featured in multiple, films, “Old time Texas”, and “Downtown New Mexico.” One thing that I enjoyed about the tour was that there were TV screens in the buses that showed clips of movies that were filmed in the specific location. The tour also included a 3-D screening of King Kong, special effects examples in The Fast and Furious, scenery from War of the Worlds, the Jaws set. I found the Jaws set the most amusing part of the tour. It was funny to see the set because after I saw the movie “Jaws” I was petrified of going anywhere near the ocean. The tour gave me a unique look at the behind the scenes work that goes into films which was very exciting.

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