Another reason to love Elon… and Elon in LA

You know you’re lying to yourself if you don’t admit one of the reasons you chose Elon University for undergrad is because of the way you felt when you first visited campus and how friendly and supportive people are. It’s so cliched, but most of us chose Elon University because we “bELONged” there. A lot of students actually transferred from other schools because Elon was the better fit. And out here in Los Angeles, it feels like one of the main reasons why we all chose Elon still holds through. It’s such a small school that we are all rooting for each other and we are all willing to help someone else achieve their dreams, because we know someone else will help us reach ours.

Tonight’s panel with the alumni based in LA is a testament to that. Every single one of them repeated how they are more than happy to help us out any way they could – be it helping us get an interview at the job of our dreams, or simply figuring out what are the sketchy neighborhoods to avoid at all costs. They also shared some incredible insights to prepare us for when (and if) we decide to make the big move to the West Coast.

I kept thinking I was so lucky to be part of a group of people who were basically rooting for all of us to make it big in this town. Granted, it will not be easy – and it will take a long time to make it – but at the end of the day, we all have something that not a lot of people do.

Maybe I’m just being cheesy, corny and emotional, but I do believe we all need to take a moment to take that in and realize how lucky we are. You never know if the girl from your DMC class will help you meet a casting director who will give you your big break, or if the guy you partnered with for your Strategic Writing project will help you get the job you’ve always dreamt of.


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