Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Last week I had the huge opportunity to drive around a distinguished actor/director/producer/writer from Australia. His name is Cameron Welsh and he is the showrunner for Home and Away, the most successful TV show in Australian history with 34 Logie Awards (Aussie version of the Emmy’s).  Cam is in his last season with Home and Away and is in the process of making the move out to LA. I was asked to drive him from meeting to meeting and essentially be there for anything he needed. Everyone around the office was so thankful of me for doing the task but in reality, I was the one who should be thanking them for letting me spend time with someone who I fully believe will be a star. It was a true blessing to be able to pick this young, innovative mind over the course of four days, and I felt my knowledge of the business triple just through our conversations. And after a hectic week of driving him places, I’m hoping I have a pretty good contact for when I return to LA in a year.

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