My Best Weekend Thus Far

This past weekend is going to have to be remembered as my most memorable weekend in LA. The weekend started Friday afternoon upon my completion of my blog for work. My roommates and I quickly assembled to make our way into Hollywood. We chose to take a taxi into the city around 5 p.m. to get in a quick dinner and be on time to see Cirque Du Soleil. After waiting about an hour, the cab finally arrived. We were all a bit tense after the wait, but we made it in enough time to enjoy our dinner at Hard Rock Café and on time for the show.

Cirque Du Soleil was unbelievable; literally you could not believe it. I was amazed, astonished, overwhelmed, captivated; I could go on forever. My point being: if you are reading this and have an opportunity to see it, GO. NOW! It was fantastic. Our night continued on to Colony and the Roxbury in Hollywood.

Saturday started like every Saturday has; woke up late, made breakfast, and watching television as I embraced the fact that it was the weekend and I had no obligations. However, this Saturday was different because my roommates and I were invited to the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. There we spent the afternoon lounging on a rooftop pool, which supplied complementary foot massages and amazing food and drinks. Did I mention that Lebron James had been lounging by the pool and left only minutes before we arrived?

The afternoon was amazing and I could not have been happier. Oh but wait, I was just about to be happier. Reggie Bush pulled up to the Hotel, in his beautiful black Ferrari. As a fan of Reggie and Kim Kardashian, who dated Reggie for over 3 years, I was not shy about hiding my excitement. Well, that is of course, after Reggie walked by and we got in the car. At that point, I was on cloud nine.

That night we went to the movies and saw Friends With Benefits and it was amazing. If you thought No Strings Attached was good, think again. That movie is not in the same league as Friends With Benefits.

Then came Sunday morning, when my roommates and I had a lovely brunch at The Ivy. Second time back and the food was still spectacular. We saw some minor celebrities, which was equally exciting as seeing a major celebrity. We finished our brunch and decided to shop around at Tory Burch, Kitson, and BCBG.

So, all-in-all, it was a great weekend.


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