Filming “Runaway”

Filming was in full swing this past weekend as our final five films are due this Monday, Aug. 1.  I am producing “Runaway”, a film written by Chris Floyd, and directed by Chris Hodum.  Most of the film takes place on a vacant road; and finding a vacant road in LA proved to be quite difficult.  We ended up shooting on Lake Hollywood Dr. minutes from our apartments.  The views were spectacular, as the road leads up to the Hollywood Sign; however, the road leads up to the Hollywood Sign.

Traffic was constantly streaming through the road; but with many takes, the footage and audio deemed themselves worthy of our film.

Here is a picture of some of the crew:

From Left to Right: Director – Chris Hodum, Art Design/Costumes/Props – Brittany Barbieri, PR – Brian Stoddard, Producer – Claire Gambrell, PR – Katie Moulton

Missing from the picture are Director of Photography/Editor – Will Anderson, Sound – Jenna Troester, and PR – Kierstin Coatney

Make sure to like the film on Facebook: Runaway

Along with the other Elon Student films: Checkmate, Focus, Fortune, and Super People!


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