Screening in a Cemetery

If anyone is looking for a cute date night spot, then look no further than Cinespia!

Kelsey, Sydney and I decided to take it slow this past Saturday night and went to Cinespia, a weekly event that shows a movie in the Forever Hollywood cemetery while patrons picnic on the grass. This week they screened It Happened One Night, starring Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A date night in a cemetary?? At first, I was a little skeptical too. I mean, would we be sitting on tombstones? Would we be disturbing the deceased Hollywood greats? Would an undead hand reach up and grab my guacamole and chips?! I was definitely not about to let that happen.

 Once we got there, we inquired about our concerns, but they assured us that Charlie Chapman’s corpse would not disturb our cinematic experience. So, we strolled through the cemetery along the palm tree lined path to an open field where thousands of people were already sitting on the grass, picnicking with family and friends. We rolled out the blanket, settled into our spot, and whiffed the occasion scent of marijuana.

Now, I do not normally enjoy old fashion movies (mostly because they lack color) but I thoroughly enjoyed Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night. A synopsis of the plot can be read here. Although Cinespia does not always show black and white movies, the atmosphere and setting create a great mood for a date night for any couple, whether you’ve been together for years or with a hot new fling. Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever cemetery is definitely something worth looking into!


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