Getting FOCUSed

Directing my first short film has been quite an adventure and a great experience so far.

Pre-production was foreign to both Jenna Troester, the producer, and I; but we experimented and found our way through team work and motivation. From location scouting, to casting, to schedule planning, and shot brainstorming the gears of the ‘Focus’ engine were in full swing long before the record button was first pressed. All of the team’s capabilities were summoned with Britney Barbieri listing out props and coming up with costumes and art direction, to Taylor Shain drawing story boards and securing equipment, to Ian Boyd prepping the audio and gathering music, to Elijah Clark aiding Jenna in her vast organizational exploits.

The shooting started out early and how I often feel in the morning: rough. The switch from planning to full-blown on set, make-decisions-on-the-fly, dont-forget-that-shot, oh-there-comes-the-sun, my-card-is-full production took some time and re-adjusting but once we got into the rhythm we were rolling.

Our PR team consisting of Ally Lord, Victoria Cuza, and Steph Costas were great to have on set as they played a key support and documentation role in the production. They were always handy to slate a shot, help with audio, or dress a set and took pictures and videos of the whole process.

Right now the poster is being created, and Ian and I are carefully putting the pieces together to create what will become ‘Focus’.

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