Backlot Tours

I have so far been on 3 backlot tours, 1 at Universal Studios and 2 at the Warner Brothers’ Studios.  Though they were all similar in that they had sounds stages and sets, the setups of the tours were very different.  The Universal tour played out like a ride or sorts complete with gimmicks and the new King Kong 3D Experience.  On the tram, we went to Skull Island, Isla Nublar, Amity Park, Bates Hotel, and Tomb of the Mummy, as well as the Wild West, the “Desperate Housewives” set, the War of the Worlds set and Whoville. At WB, we were able to see the various movie and television sets and talk about the variety of movies that have used them.  For example, an alley was used in Spider-Man (the kiss scene),”ER” (back of the hospital), Annie (dance number), Newsies (dance number) and several others.  It’s always amazing to see how resourceful the set designers can be when paired with the production crew in how the set is dressed and how it is shot.  Along the way, we went to the moved “Friends” set.  At the end of the WB tour, we saw their production museum complete with costumes and props from 300, Inception, Casablanca, and Harry Potter (among several others).  As a treat, we also went to the soundstages for “Chuck” and “Harry’s Law” – no cameras allowed!

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